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Deontay Wilder responds to ex-coach’s claim he was ‘untrainable’

wilder breland

“Deontay had become untrainable.”

Deontay Wilder has hit back at Mark Breland after his former coach claimed that the former WBC heavyweight champion was “untrainable” when the two worked together.

Breland released a statement back in November, thanking fans for their support following Deontay Wilder’s allegations and spoke out over the weekend once again.

Mark Breland

In a lengthy Instagram post, Breland gave further insight into working with Wilder.

“I’ll use my own platform since I’ve been opened like a can of sardines,” Breland said.

“Deontay had become untrainable because he was at the point of ‘he knows more about boxing than all of us.’

“So teaching a correct jab was not a priority to learn once he continues on his knockout streak.

“So a coach can only teach someone if they’re willing to learn.

“If he had a bad day we had to ‘be quiet’ to not be on the receiving end of ‘his wrath’ in an effort to not be fired.

“Running is not high on the list for him so if he don’t feel like doing it, he don’t.”


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Deontay Wilder

Wilder responded to Breland’s accusations in an interview with 78SPORTSTV.

“It’s crazy. It is crazy because I had this man around me for so long,” Wilder said.

“I had him around my family, my kids. I fed this dude.

“Even when many people thought I outgrew him, many wanted me to fire him but I kept him on board.

“To hear all these things that he’s saying, it’s crazy.”

mark breland

‘The Bronze Bomber’ also revealed that he wanted to part ways with the 1984 Olympic Gold medalist a long time ago but kept the relationship due to his loyalty.

“He should have been gone a long time ago, but because of the love that I had,” Wilder continued.

“Even after the fact of all the medical issues that he has personally going on with himself, I still kept him around.

“For him to betray me and say crazy stuff, it is hurtful only for the simple fact of how close we had him around family.

“I can’t understand why, what the f*** did I do? He knows what type of person I am. I bless people, I look out for people…”

deontay wilder

Wilder feels the ill-feeling between the pair “could be a jealousy thing” as he doesn’t understand where else it could come from.

“For it to be deeper embedded in him to feel a certain type of way, it’s like, where is it all coming from?” he said.

“Is it because of where I am in life and your career was short? It could be a jealousy thing.

“I can’t understand where it’s coming from, it’s just crazy.”

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