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Daniel Kinahan releases statement following BBC Panorama boxing documentary

“I have never threatened a reporter or journalist or asked anyone to do that for me. I never have and I never would.”

Daniel Kinahan has denied making threats to a journalist after releasing a statement to sports radio station TalkSport on Monday.

Kinahan released a statement days after a BBC Panorama journalist had a threat made against them. This followed the Panorama investigation into Kinahan last week.

daniel kinahan

Daniel Kinahan.

The allegations in the BBC programme are that Kinihan leads a drugs cartel.

Kinihan, who has never been committed of a crime, has been named in Irish courts as the head of an organised crime group.

He denies this, and has been involved in organising some of boxing’s biggest fights.

Last summer, Tyson Fury publicly thanked Kinahan for his role in reaching the two-fight heavyweight world title bout with Anthony Joshua.


“I’ve tried my best to ignore the allegations that are constantly made about me,” the 43-year-old’s statement says.

“Why is there only a trial by media and not a criminal trial?

“There is a simple answer to this. That answer is because there is no evidence. It’s because it is not true.

“I have started from the bottom and worked my way up. I am proud to say today that I have helped organise over a dozen major world title fights. I continue to be involved in planning multiple record-breaking and exciting world title fights.”

“I’m Irish. I was born and raised in Dublin. In a deprived area with serious levels of poverty, of crime, of under-investment.

“People like me, from there, aren’t expected to do anything with their lives other than serve the middle and upper classes.

“Boxing is a working-class sport for which I’ve had a lifelong love and passion.”

daniel kinahan

“Last week it was inferred that I had threatened a reporter,” he continued.

“I have full respect for journalism. I have worked with journalists and I value their role. Journalists should always be free to do their job, free from any threat or harassment.

“I have never threatened a reporter or journalist or asked anyone to do that for me. I never have and I never would.”

Kinahan complained that he had “not been on the receiving end of fair and credible journalism, especially in the UK and Ireland”, claiming the Panorama programme was another example of the “unsubstantiated allegations” made against him.

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