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FOX Sports Host Claims To Have Insider Info That McGregor V Mayweather Will Happen In September

Colin Cowherd claims he has been told to ‘book rooms in Vegas’ for an unlikely Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather showdown later this year.

The statement made on the prominent FOX Sports show follows a similar report from ESPN’s Jalen Rose at the weekend. Rose, who commands 1.6m followers on Twitter, proclaimed that Floyd and McGregor will probably be announced in a month. It will be in May, the same weekend as the Kentucky Derby, in 2017.”

Whoever Cowherd has been in contact with holds the same belief, but that those salivating for what would be the biggest spectacle in modern sport won’t have to wait the bones of a year for the bizarre contest.

Mayweather McGregor New 1

Speaking on ‘The Herd’, the show’s namesake said:

“Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather is going to happen.”

“The situation changed late last week. I got a call, then somebody else sent me something yesterday, then Saturday; ‘we Book rooms in Vegas’. This year, in September.”

While McGregor was non-committal on the Mayweather interest in his SportsCentre interview last weekend, late last week indeed saw UFC president Dana White storm out of a meeting with McGregor’s likely next opponent in Nate Diaz.

Whether that merely correlated with the ‘situation change’ or affected it is unclear, but regardless, Cowherd shares the belief that those who think think the fight will happen do – that there’s too much money to be made to turn down the super-fight.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. v Andre Berto

“I think this is the most profitable fight for CBS and Mayweather.”, he continued.

“CBS have been working with Mayweather for years, which is why his fights are on Showtime, because CBS own Showtime. So Les Moonves and the CBS people have decided: ‘let’s talk to the FOX/UFC people’. It’s going to make a lot of money for people.”

While no statement on the situation is forthcoming from CBS chief executive officer Moonves, Showtime exec. vice president Stephen Espinoza spoke to the LATimes.

McGregor Mendes

“Mayweather seems to be very interested in McGregor — in public and private settings,” Espinoza revealed. If Cowherd’s info is accurate though, Espinoza is unaware of any developments.

“The signals we are getting are that they [UFC executives] are not interested,” he continued. “If there’s a conversation to be had, we’ll have it.”

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Author: Chris Kelleher

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