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Watch: The Three Fastest KO’s Of Floyd Mayweather’s Career

Floyd Mayweather’s career is one that has perhaps not been made on the back of him being anything resembling a prolific knockout artist, but his three fastest KO’s still do a good job at reminding us why exactly he stands as one of the best to ever do it.


Floyd Mayweather vs Jerry Cooper – Jan 18th, 1997

A truly beautiful but brief masterclass in the art of the jab from young Mayweather with this one. Early on, he takes control of the fight, peppering the helpless Cooper with shots to the head and body, knocking his opponent down with a jab to the midsection within the first minute, oddly enough.

The cockier side of ‘Money’ takes over as the second minute begins and after a brief display of showboating, Mayweather pounces, knocking his helpless adversary out of the ring with a beautiful combo, ending the bout at 1:39 of the first round.


Floyd Mayweather vs Bobby Giepert – April 12th, 1997

Mayweather showed a different shade of his skills just a few months later with this one. Using his left-hook to the body, he opened up a clean straight right to the head of his opponent Giepert and after an early knockdown, the finish-line was in sight for the then-20-year-old Mayweather.

A beautifully executed four-punch combo spelled the end for Floyd’s unfortunate foe and after 1:30 of the first round, his ever-improving record had moved to 6-0 and still, a decent challenge could not be found for the young American.


Floyd Mayweather vs Tony Duran – May 9th 1997

If you haven’t noticed by now, each and every one of these impressive wins came within a six-month period in 1997, and sure enough, the quickest of Money Mayweather’s career was the last of the lot, in fact, Floyd never once scored a first-round knockout in his career again after this contest.

In this one, Floyd – after a short feeling-out process – began to open up with shots to the body before blasting the unfortunate Duran with a right-hand to the chin, sending him to the canvas and causing the bout to halt at 1:12 of the first-round, which to this day is Mayweather’s quickest win.


With Floyd’s future in the sport of boxing still unclear, he may never even get the chance to beat his own personal best but even with the ever-present talk of a cross-over super-fight with MMA’s Conor McGregor a constant in combat sports circles, maybe don’t bet the house on him garnering a new record time before he calls a halt on his truly brilliant career.

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