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Watch: Mayweather’s 49th Opponent On What Would Happen If Conor McGregor Were To Win

The last man to share the ring with the legendary Floyd Mayweather has given his rather funny take on how the world would look if Conor McGregor emerged from his fight with Floyd as the victor.

André Berto currently holds the honour of being the final opponent of the unbeaten Floyd Mayweather after going the distance with the former champ in 2015 before Money’s eventual retirement.

Now, with us completely submerged in the constant speculation surrounding the yet-to-be-confirmed boxing match between Floyd and the MMA superstar Conor McGregor, Berto – a man who would know the former five-divisional world champion as well as anyone – spoke to FightHype recently and has given us his own take on the immensely popular topic.

For many, McGregor’s chances of defeating the greatest defensive boxer of all-time in what would only be his own professional debut are slim at best, but that didn’t stop Berto from wondering about how the world would look if the Irishman did indeed manage to land that famous left hand on the man who has never once been bested.

“Understand this, if McGregor comes in here and he clips that man – it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t win – if  he catches Floyd, knocks him down or hurts him like I said, McGregor can’t. Unless Floyd just embarrasses him, if McGregor goes there and puts on a good fight, if he catches Floyd, he hurts Floyd, he drops Floyd, if knocks Floyd out, oh it’s over! It’s over!”

“McGregor going to be the president over in Ireland. He might be president over here. That s**t would be crazy. I don’t know, man. Like I said, man, it’s the fight game. Anything can happen, so shit, if it happens, good luck to both guys.”

If McGregor did ever manage to pull this off, he would elevate himself to his own new level. It would easily be the greatest achievement in combat sports history but despite this, if we’re keeping our predictions grounded, it’s a tough one to see become a reality.

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