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Oscar De La Hoya Hints At ‘Golden Boy Promotions MMA’

Golden Boy Promotions’ head honcho, Oscar de la Hoya, has flirted with the idea of making a switch to the world of mixed martial arts in the near future.

When Dana White and the UFC announced their intention to make a venture into the world of boxing, the decision seemed like a natural progression for the UFC’s president – who has a background in and a fond love for the sport.

Last August’s super-fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor was seen as a major step in breaking down some of the tension found between both sides and while there were some heated words exchanged, the resulting spectacle gave a taste of what could be accomplished.

Oscar de la Hoya was one of the most vocal critics of the ‘Money Fight’ – which perhaps stemmed from the fact that it was seen to be in competition with his own promotional effort, September’s Canelo Alvarez vs. Gennady Golovkin, but in the time since he has certainly softened in his views on MMA as a whole.

Speaking to TMZ Sports, de la Hoya spoke on his respect for those competing in MMA while outlining his plans to dip into that world whenever the right opportunity presents itself. As for fights, de la Hoya – who has been speaking to the former light-heavyweight champion of the world Chuck Liddell recently – seemed pretty game about testing the waters in a foreign sport.

“We’re talking some business. It’s no secret that I love what MMA fighters do and the technique they have and the sacrifice they make, so I want to get into the MMA business. I want to start Golden Boy MMA and we’re just talking some business.

“Imagine Tito and Chuck once again, that would be huge.”

As for his own chances inside the octagon as a prime athlete in peak condition, Oscar was under no illusions about his chances.

“I wouldn’t have lasted 30 seconds.”

It may just be empty chit-chat but with the worlds of boxing and mixed martial arts becoming ever-closer, who knows, we may well see the first ‘Golden Boy MMA’ show before long.

As for another matchup between the ageing duo that is Liddell and Ortiz, we’re not so sure.

Cillian Cunningham, Pundit Arena

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