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Mike Tyson & Tyson Fury’s Polar-Opposite Takes On Life As A Champion

Two of the most recognizable heavyweight boxers of the last thirty years sat down with one another to discuss their careers and time spent as world champion

Speaking during an appearance on Mike Tyson’s popular podcast Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson, Fury explained how empty he felt upon springing the upset and defeating Wladimir Klitschko back in 2015.

“I suffered from depression and anxiety all of my life, from being a little boy to being a man. But I always had the goal of being the heavyweight champion and that always brought me back out of the darkness. To achieve that goal, nothing else mattered. I had a lot of tragedy in my life – a lot of stuff happened that maybe could have put me off-track.

“I always sidetracked all of that and concentrated on the job at hand. When they said ‘alright, you’re going to fight Klitschko for the world championship’, I was like ‘when I win I’m not going to have a goal anymore’.

“So I almost knew going in that I was going to have a comedown and it was going to be a disaster. I was very depressed going into the fight, going into training camps. I knew I was going to beat this guy but I remember saying to my dad, my brothers that win, lose, or draw, I probably won’t fight again after this.

“I look back on it now and I was very ill going into that fight. I wasn’t well-minded.

“I go in there, beat him. For five minutes I was happy. Then I went back to the changing room and was like, ‘Is this it?’ I had won five world-title belts, beaten the second-longest reigning heavyweight champion in history. What next? I don’t have a purpose anymore I’m finished.

“That’s just my negative outlook on everything.”

Iron Mike, who became the youngest heavyweight champion in the history of the sport at the age of 20, was thrust into a world that saw him as a superstar at a very early point, a formative point in his life.

Though now a far more grounded man by comparison, Tyson had his own fair share of troubles during his peak years and in giving his contrasting take, explained how his experience as champion differed drastically from Fury’s.

“That’s weird man, because when I won the title as a little kid, I fell so in love with that illusion of myself. ‘Hell f**kin’ yea! Let it be more about me.

“‘Let me have the best girl in the world. Let me have the best f**king seat in the restaurant. Give me the best f**king car. I want the best plane.’

“I was so self-absorbed. I couldn’t have enough girls, enough fights – fights outside the ring – it wasn’t enough.

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