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Jason Quigley Makes UK Debut Saturday, Has Irish Homecoming In His Sights

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Jason Quigley will attempt to move to a perfect 16-0 this weekend in the first professional fight of his career to take place on European soil.

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Ireland West Airport are delighted to announce a new partnership with professional boxer and Donegal man, Jason Quigley.

Commenting on behalf of Sports Endorse, Trevor Twamley said ‘”We are delighted that Ireland West Airport are partnering with Jason Quigley as he is one of Ireland’s most exciting professional boxers and is rapidly becoming a tourism magnet for Donegal.”

Quigley’s fifteen fight career has seen him compete and win in America on each and every occasion he has made the trip across the pond, despite him being based in Sheffield, England.

Now, with a matchup against Mathias Eklund set for London’s Copper Box Arena, Quigley spoke to us here at Pundit Arena about the differences that come with not having to uproot a few weeks out in the middle of an ongoing training camp.

“I’m feeling very good, very relaxed and very excited to be fighting over here in London. I don’t have the whole three or four week adventure over to the west coast of America and jetlag.

“I’m very relaxed at the moment over here in London, obviously I’m based in Sheffield, so it’s only a short journey down in the train for me.”

As an Irishman fighting in the States, there will always be supporters behind you given the nation’s strong representation across the Atlantic. Quigley seemed genuinely delighted at the fact that his family, friends and followers would be able to see him with a greater level of ease for the first time.

“I’m really excited for my fans as well, because I have a great fanbase and great support, fans who have travelled to the west coast of America to watch me fight so it’s nice that they just have to jump across the pond over here to London to watch me fight.

“And, the people who can’t make it can at least watch me fight at a normal time of night instead of four in the morning, you know?”

Of course, him making his European debut has caused many to wonder at the possibility of an Irish homecoming show in the near future.

Like so many other famed Irish pros, the fights that forge the foundation of your record are often best found abroad – something that makes the eventual return that bit sweeter.

“I’ve been asked that question a lot today, at the press conference too. I have to say that it makes a lot of sense to have me fighting more locally in the UK and, obviously, if I come back to Ireland for a fight I want it to be a massive fight.

“How amazing would it be to have Golden Boy Promotions promoting a massive fight in Ireland? That would be quality and that’s definitely something I would be looking forward to in the future.”

As for his opponent Eklund, Quigley – while, of course, aware of the danger that comes with underestimating anyone at this level, remained confident that he is ahead of his opponent by some distance.

“Look, Mathias, I’ve looked him up and I’ve watched a bit of tape on him. He’s a tough, Finnish opponent, who’s going to come in there, looking to fight.

“I’m in a completely different pack to this man and I’m going to let him know that on Saturday night. This is something that I’ve worked my entire life towards and getting into that ring on Saturday night, he’s standing in my way and it’s all about me getting in there and removing him.”

Cillian Cunningham, Pundit Arena

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