Father Urges Tyson Fury To Change Entire Training Team

John Fury, father to lineal heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, has offered scathing criticism of his son’s performance against Otto Wallin and the team that surrounds him at present.

As a former fighter and trainer to the 6’9″ pugilist, John was clearly not impressed after watching Tyson forced to deal with some serious adversity in his showdown against Otto Wallin in Las Vegas.

Speaking to BTSport, Fury Sr. explained how things need to change drastically in the camp of The Gypsy King if he is to be successful at the very top – going as far as to say that Tyson would have been dispatched by any of the division’s top fighters had he shown up to fight them in the shape he was in last night.

“It has gone terribly wrong in  the camp and someone is to blame. Tyson never landed a meaningful punch.

“If Tyson had been in front of one of the top three or Alexander Povetkin, he would not have won.

“I am a straight talker and that is the worst I have ever seen him.

“I have half an idea what went wrong but I cannot share it. He has done an eight-week camp but his strength and power have gone.

“He was as weak as a kitten. His body looked a lot softer tonight. He is not an 18st fighter, he wants to be body beautiful. I have seen this coming. I saw this coming.”

As things stand, the core member of Fury’s backroom team is the 26-year-old Ben Davison, a man who Fury has credited for making several major changes that have led to his success on this current run.

Singling out the prodigy trainer Davison for criticism and Tyson’s cut-man for praise, Fury Sr. continued to give his take on the team surrounding his son.

“If he keeps hold of that team, that whole team, they will cost him his career. Ben Davison and everyone.

“The cutman is the only one who can take any credit. it was like a shark’s mouth.”

Davison wasted no time in responding to Fury Sr. – reminding the former pro that the bout was one that his fighter won comfortably on the scorecards, despite his moments of trouble in there.

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Author: Cillian Cunningham

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