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Promoter Claims Hair-Follicle Test Results Show That Canelo Unintentionally Took Clenbuterol

The president of Golden Boy Promotions told ESPN recently that a hair-follicle test has proven that Canelo Alvarez did not purposely ingest clenbuterol.

The year’s most eagerly-anticipated boxing matchup, the rematch between Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin, unfortunately, fell apart in the months leading up to its May 5 date after it emerged that the superstar Canelo had failed drug-test administered during his preparations.

The original fight, though still heralded as a highly-entertaining affair, saw a rather controversial draw awarded as a result of some frankly baffling judging from two of the officials who were ringside. It really did seem as though the Kazakhstani Golovkin had done more than enough to take home a comfortable lead on the cards but when it came down to it, the bout was declared a stalemate and the second offering was set.

With Canelo having tested hot, he, of course, was forced to step down from the fight and though many had still held the belief that the rematch would eventually go ahead, the delay was massively frustrating.

Recently, Eric Gomez – the president of Golden Boy Promotions – spoke to ESPN and explained how in the time since further evidence has come to light that apparently proves that Alvarez did not knowingly ingest the banned substance that he was punished for.

“From the beginning, Canelo has insisted that he accidentally ingested clenbuterol from eating tainted meat. The fact this NSAC-required hair follicle test came back entirely negative for any traces of clenbuterol should lay to rest any suspicion that he was intentionally taking a banned substance.

“Canelo is looking forward to getting back into training and returning to the ring in September. He thanks all of his fans for sticking by him and believes this test proves once and for all that he is a clean fighter.”

Tainted meat was pointed to as the reasoning behind this entire predicament and while we’ve heard every excuse under the sun from fighters who have been in similar situations, Canelo’s home-country of Mexico has been notorious in the past for contaminations that would eventually lead to something like this.

You can be your own judge as to who to believe, I suppose.

Cillian Cunningham, Pundit Arena

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Author: Cillian Cunningham

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