Curry wants future generations to benefit from basketball

Curry wants future generations to benefit from basketball

Steph Curry has made himself into a global sports star and now he is intent on helping future generations use basketball to do the same.

The Golden State Warriors point guard, a two-time MVP in the NBA, has been on an Under Armour world tour and London was his latest stop over the weekend.

Basketball is hugely popular in the United Kingdom and is second only to football for participation numbers of a team sport, though it receives very little funding.

Its future growth in this country appears reliant on the NBA, with the likes of Curry promoting the game and the continuation of a regular-season match being played in London.

“Basketball is kind of low on the radar here, but we want to try and continue to raise the patter game and the next generation of kids that are getting into the game earlier,” Curry said.

“What they see in the NBA and with myself and maybe being able to carve a story out for themselves in the game of basketball – that is why I am here.

“I was meeting the club from London that was here and there was talent, it’s about continuing to try and reach that as much as we can.

“Basketball and NBA is growing crazy worldwide, so to be able to share the stories and interest is great.

“The talent around the league is crazy all the way through, obviously I want to be the best in the league at what I do and be a trailblazer in effort and let the kids know that the game of basketball has a lot of offer.

“Most won’t make it to the NBA and that is fine, you can find a journey through the game that can open up a lot of different doors, I think that is what we represent.”

The interest in the game might spike even further if the NBA sent over some of the higher-profile teams for the London clash.

This year it will be between the New York Knicks and the Washington Wizards, but the interest would surely peak if the likes of Curry or LeBron James were on show at the O2 Arena.

Curry would love to play over here after taking a real shine to London.

“I hope the Warriors can come,” he added. “A lot of my team-mates have been over here on their own.

“As a team playing a game; I know they rotate the teams that come and play the global game in the regular season so I am sure that will happen at some point.

“London is amazing, I came last summer, my wife was out here filming a show, so I came out for about a week and a half, we were staying in Chelsea, I got to see the city.

“It was my first time staying here so that was pretty special. It is nice to be back, I went to the football at Wembley which was fun, the people is amazing, the reception is always amazing and the culture here is phenomenal so I appreciate the opportunity to be here.”