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Born and raised in The Kingdom, Shane is a Part I Architecture graduate from University College Cork with a huge passion for the GAA. Football is his sport and he continues play with his club Churchill. Recent work includes his final year thesis and dissertation on ash hurley making in Ireland, but he has many more strings to his bow. Personal writing is his dust; also follows soccer, rugby and MMA closely. Twitter: @shazzak13 Online Portfolio:  http://shanekenny.carbonmade.com
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Pundit Arena Backs The “Unmask For Pieta” Awareness And Fundraising Campaign

Physical fitness is a basic requirement for achieving goals in the world of sport – but mental strength is also essential. It is a lonely experience being a sports person suffering from common psychological problems. It can affect an individual by destroying their self-esteem and self-confidence, leaving them with no place to turn. Where can an athlete go when playing sport …

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The Promised Land Of Victory Remains The Ultimate Goal For New York

Were Gaelic football professional, and swathes of money filtered through the game akin to its American football equivalent, we would certainly see Manhattan awash with All-Ireland winner’s medals sooner rather than later. To imagine a transfer market befitting the model of European football, one might rightfully assume that the bright lights of Times Square would lucratively appeal to the most …

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Blatant Dismissal Of Players’ Proposals The Final Straw Before Final Ultimatum

In a year where the centenary of an uprising is being remembered and celebrated, it would be fitting that another major force in Irish society should have its voice heard against the oppressive nature of the GAA. As news filtered through of the GAA’s Central Council’s decision to propose three different alternatives to the current Senior Football Championship structure to be …

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GAA – County Form Cannot Mask Troubling Issues At Club Level

The Senior Club Championships in Donegal and Kerry face serious scrutiny regardless of this year’s success, writes Shane Kenny. There certainly isn’t a Kerry nor Donegal man alive today, outside of their respective camps, that could have envisaged being seventy minutes away from landing Sam Maguire at the start of the Football Championship. Both sides have doggedly and deservedly weaved …

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