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LegitMMA is our MMA expert / insider covering the latest events around the world and hot topics of debate. A Physiotherapist and Sports Science graduate, who has trained in boxing and has a wide range of interest in martial arts. LegitMMA has cultivated his own LegitMMA blog and you can follow him @LegitMMA for the latest inside news, blogs and opinions.

George St-Pierre vs Johny Hendricks: What happens?

LegitMMA previews this month’s UFC 167 headliner: George St-Pierre vs Johny Hendricks. Johnny Hendricks is considered by most to be the biggest threat to the welterweight champion, George St-Pierre. His train of a right hand has been putting opponents to sleep on a run to the title. His only loss comes to Rick Story in which he was beaten on …

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Quinton Jackson vs Tito Ortiz: When Second-Best Is Best

Bellator recently announced a fight between two legends of the sport in the light heavyweight division; Quinton Jackson vs Tito Ortiz. That sentence should usually get people excited but in this case has most people perplexed. Quinton Jackson and Tito Ortiz have a run of losses and haven’t shown anyone a glimpse of their former capability . They’ve come up …

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The complete fighter era: Is Brazil leading the way?

After this weekends UFC event in Brazil, the display of pure MMA talent that came from the hometown natives was devastating. Personally I like to think of the Brazilians as blood thirsty scrappers who fight to the finish. There wasn’t really a decision from what I viewed. Finish after finish after finish all of which to a high level. At …

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Is Chael Sonnen becoming the UFC’s Bob Sapp?

Legit MMA talks about Chael Sonenn, and questions whether he is more concerned with selling a fight than actually performing in one. If you’re an MMA fan and don’t know who Chael Sonnen is by now then you’ve been hiding in a dark place. Probably the most recognisable character in MMA, on par with some of Muhammad Ali’s pre fight …

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Is there any point in competing with the UFC?

LegitMMA looks at the UFC and asks if any other organisation is capable of competing with the juggernaut? Let’s start this article with a clarification of what I want to say: is there any point in competing with the UFC as a rival promotion on an international stage? I don’t mean local shows or big national shows not being put …

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New York: The city that doesn’t have….MMA?

The newest member of the SIE Team, LegitMMA, voices his frustrations over the MMA legalisation debate in New York. It’s 2013, the age of technology, social media, metro sexuality (whatever that is) and one of the world’s most vibrant places does not legalise MMA. Of course the place in question is New York. It’s a constant feature in combat news, …

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