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One of the country's top sports journalists, and a recipient of Irish Sports Journalist of the Year.

MacKenna On Monday: USA Have Been Pompous & Arrogant But That’s Okay

As tough as it can be to utter out loud, there’s no denying that Alex Morgan was completely correct. With the United States’ deserved semi-final victory belonging to the past, and most eyes turning to yesterday’s World Cup decider, there were still those that wouldn’t let it go. Some English players claimed upset around her tea-sipping celebration (and that moment …

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MacKenna On Monday: The People Are Fed Up With Dublin’s Advantage

There’s a scattering of straws… Tyrone’s reversion to 15-behind-the-ball counter-attacking football might suddenly be good enough when it was nowhere near good enough a year ago. Kerry’s youth might grow up in a flash when in 2018 they were too green to make even the last four and today are more at Cork’s level. Thus there’s clutching… Donegal winning one …

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MacKenna On Monday: Manchester City’s Name Is Mud

On 22 October 1984, in a Dunnes Stores on Dublin’s Henry Street, a random and baffled customer was put through a minor and mild inconvenience. Yet this was a moment that would soon become seminal in an Irish humanitarianism sphere that more and more is about back-slapping rather than any actual do-gooding, certainly from an official state stance. Mary Manning …

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