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One of the country's top sports journalists, and a recipient of Irish Sports Journalist of the Year.

MacKenna On Monday: Liverpool, A Rose Among Football’s Many Thorns

Back in November, after Virgil van Dijk had scored the Netherlands’ last-gasp equaliser against Germany in the Nations League, what followed quickly took over in terms of both headlines and chatter. Well-known now due to the reaction then, he went to referee Ovidiu Hategan at the final whistle, put his arms around him, and offered the weeping official his sincere …

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MacKenna On Monday: I Hate To Say I Told You So

I hate to say I told you so. But… I tried to warn that this would happen, based logically on our own past experiences and ongoing present attitude. However, with rugby in Ireland, it’s so often once bitten, twice bitten, three times bitten. If the saying is true that stupidity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting …

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MacKenna On Monday: USADA The Biggest Dopes In Anti-Doping

Travis Tygart was quick out of the blocks. It was only the first day of the year and the head of US anti-doping was sticking it to the state-sponsored effort in Russia and their latest refusal to play by the rules and allow testers into the lab that was the beating heart of their cheating operation for so long. “We …

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MacKenna On Monday’s Sporting Predictions For 2019

Sport does the strangest things to people, even those it shouldn’t. Many years ago, working in the late Sunday Tribune, part of the summer’s light GAA coverage was a quiz with someone famous each edition, and questions on their own county with a league table at the end of the championship. With Dublin playing one weekend and Bertie Ahern leading …

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