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School teacher and PhD graduate with an addiction to attending live sport. Goals are overrated and beauty is in the struggle, until someone smashes in a 92nd minute winner from 35 yards.

Lynn Harvey: ‘I Believe Boxing Was Sent To Me’

Ciaran Priestley catches up with one of only three professional female boxers in Ireland, Lynn Harvey. Harvey has followed an unorthodox route to a life in professional sport. Admittedly, she was not a sporty kid and went through ‘all the stages of partying and drinking’ during her twenties. At the age of thirty, she enrolled in a boxercise class with …

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Premier League

Long Read: What The Tale Of The Brooklyn Dodgers Tells Us About The Premier League

The sporting narrative of the Brooklyn Dodgers baseball team is a familiar one to sports fans around the world today. The perennial under-achievers were forever in the shadow of the New York Yankees, their big-time, cross-town rival and the frustration of near misses, epic failures and ‘green shoots of hope’ seasons inspired the usual mix of blind optimism, heartbreak and …

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Did The Economic Collapse Create A Dublin GAA Legacy?

Ciaran Priestly discusses the connection between economic strife and the success of Dublin’s football team in recent years. As the 2016 Senior Football Championship sprouts to life beneath the media haze of Euro 2016, much analysis will focus on repetition of recent trends and the inevitability of most results. Informed debate now questions whether the serious competition begins at either …

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