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About Pundit Arena

About Pundit Arena
Pundit Arena is an Irish-based sports media publication that provide aspiring journalists and articulate fans with a platform to showcase their work. Powered by an in-house team of established sports writers and editors, Pundit Arena provides original opinions & alternative angles on the hottest topics in the world of sport.

Founded in November 2013, Pundit Arena has recently raised a seed round of €650,000 from a collection of angel investors based both in Ireland and the United States, Pundit Arena is currently on the fringe of what we’re sure will be a period of massive growth for the company.

Want to write about sports, gets thousands of reads and earn some cash? Well, you’ve come to the right place.
Pundit Arena is a sports media platform that provides aspiring journalists and highly articulate fans with an audience to showcase their work. If you are an aspiring writer, forget trying to start a blog, you can create a name and a brand for yourself on Pundit Arena.


Why Pundit Arena and not a blog?

Pundit Arena provides access to over 1,400,000 unique readers per month. If you can write, your articles are guaranteed to garner traction and reach a massive audience.

At present, Pundit Arena has over 750,000 followers across our various social media channels. Your articles will not only be published on site, they will be promoted and shared with our massive audiences on Facebook and Twitter.

Basically, Pundit Arena saves you the hassle of trying to build a name for your blog. We’ve already done that part. All you have to do now, is reap the rewards and have your work read by the people you want it to reach.

Will I be paid?

Pundit Arena shares the revenue generated from articles with its fans, using a unique revenue sharing model called The Hit List.