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Watch: Michael Chandler Becomes Three-Time Bellator Champ With Dominant Display

The legendary Michael Chandler won the Bellator lightweight title for the third time last night, dominating Brent Primus over five rounds.

The story of Michael Chandler has been nothing short of exhilarating from its beginning to present and last night, he managed to reach yet another milestone by taking home the Bellator lightweight title for a third time.

And for all the technical skill he brings to the table, it has been his ability to persevere and rebound from the most harrowing of setbacks that have set him apart from the pack.

Chandler faced the now-former champion Brent Primus in a rematch of their 2017 meeting last night nearly 18 months after their first contest ended under unfortunate circumstances.

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An injury to the champ’s ankle due to a well-placed leg-kick from Primus saw him run out as both the TKO victor and the newly-crowned strap-holder.

When the pair crossed paths again last night, it was an entirely different affair.

And while Chandler had a brief moment of worry in the second-round – where a hard Primus shot found its mark and he almost sunk in a rear-naked choke – for the most part, he was able to have his way with his opponent.

Watch the highlights of the Bellator 212 headliner below:

We had the opportunity to chat with Chandler in a truly fascinating exclusive just prior to Bellator 212 – an interview in which he gave an incredibly vivid insight into the inner workings of the championship mentality.

That piece can be read in full here.

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