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McGregor Files Motion To Dismiss Lawsuit Of Michael Chiesa


Conor McGregor’s official motion to dismiss the ongoing lawsuit of UFC welterweight Michael Chiesa has been released, courtesy of TMZ.

For all the time that has passed since April’s UFC 223 media day, the now infamous bus attack that saw McGregor and a host of his comrades attempt to get at the team of UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov.

We all know the story behind the incident but even now at the end of 2018, the ripple effect of the attack is still being felt – most noticeably through the ongoing lawsuit being filed against Conor by UFC lightweight-turned-welterweight Michael Chiesa.

Chiesa, along with flyweight Ray Borg, was one of the fighters injured during the attack and in recent times, has sued McGregor for damages relating to emotional distress and the injuries that caused him to be pulled from his UFC 223 matchup with Anthony Pettis.

McGregor’s motion to dismiss contained the following extract (via TMZ)

“McGregor has filed a response to Chiesa’s suit admitting his conduct was ‘unquestionably inappropriate,’ but should not be considered “outrageous.”

“So, why does that distinction matter? Because proving ‘outrageousness’ is essential for collecting damages when it comes to intentional infliction of emotional distress.

“In his court docs, McGregor also claims Chiesa has failed to prove that he suffered any real emotional distress from the incident — noting that he’s a “seasoned combat sports fighter” – and therefore should be used to physical trauma.”

It’s hard to know if Conor’s rebuttal of Chiesa’s lawsuit will be successful but all in all, you’d have to assume he’ll have a hard time getting out of this one scot-free.

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