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Dropkicks, Digs & Dirty Strikes: This GAA Shemozzle Has Everything

That dropkick though…

Two GAA clubs in the UK are set to make history when they go toe-to-toe in March. In what is believed to be the first ever matchup of its kind in UK GAA history, Roger Casements and Four Masters of Coventry will renew their turbulent past in the form of a White Collar Boxing night.

The winners of ‘The Rumble In The Concrete Jungle’ will get to take home the bloodied coveted CGL Cup, with the losers facing a night in the A&E if past duels are anything to go by.

The promo video for the charity event would put a shemozzle-filled scene from Calcio Fiorentino to shame, with a dropkick from what looks like a sticky corner back being the highlight.

See it here for yourself:

Event & Ticket Details

Society Nightclub (The Old Pink Parrot) // Coventry City Centre
Friday 27th March 2015 // 8pm // Tickets £15
Tickets available from: CTK Club // Hearsall // Flannellys // Sphinx

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