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Interview: The Man Helping GAA Players Become Influencers

Connacht GAA Senior Football Championship Semi-Final, Pearse Stadium, Co. Galway 3/6/2018 Galway vs Sligo Galway's Damien Comer celebrates scoring a goal Mandatory Credit ©INPHO/Bryan Keane

Michael Coyle is the founder of Influenced.ie and is working with GAA players across Ireland, in a bid to reward them for their year-round dedication to the sport.

The Galway native is advocating the power of players as influencers across all media platforms and already has a star-studded line up of the GAA’s finest onboard with influenced.ie.

“We are working with the likes of Damo Comer, Conor Whelan from the hurlers, Gearoid McInerney, then in Tipperary, we’ve got Brendan Maher, Austin Gleeson. There’s plenty there like.

“We have 45 players overall at the moment from all different counties and both sports”

Coyle explained that the GAA players he works closely with are some of the most in-demand sports people in Ireland, and outlined how far-reaching and beneficial the symbiotic relationship between a player and business can be.

“Let’s say a GAA player has 10,000 Instagram followers; if we say (to the player) we want four Instagram posts and 20 Instagram stories, and we’ll give you ‘X’ amount”, begins Coyle.

“The player gets paid, but what the business gets is largely more. If a player has 10,000 Instagram followers, and our analytics check says 8,000 of their followers see their story and they put up five stories a week, that’s 40,000 impressions to a target audience.

“You’ve got a defined audience there and you’ve got someone who’s in a position of real influence speaking positively about your brand with 40,000 impressions on Instagram.  Four weeks of the month, that’s 160,000 (impressions).”

Coyle is passionate about the GAA as a whole. Being a Galway man, he personally knows many of the All-Ireland-winning Tribesmen from last year and feels that players deserve to be rewarded for their year-long dedication to the sport.

“It’s only fair that eventually these players who have been putting in blood, sweat and tears for the last, whatever number of years,  get rewarded for their efforts.

“We’re not in this to make money for ourselves, that’s not our overall goal. I’m a massive GAA fan myself and have been my entire life. I go to all the local club games, both hurling and football and I’ve noticed that, even at club level, it has gotten very professional and I see the work the lads have put in and they deserve to be rewarded.”

Coyle also explained how the concept of GAA players as influencers was alive before the dawn of social media, but its introduction has been hugely beneficial in improving the dynamic that’s always existed between players and businesses.

“I’m not reinventing the wheel by any means here in terms of this influencers stuff. Getting players to open bars and restaurants has been going on for years, they have always been held in a high regard and it’s just with the rise of social media now there’s a new channel for people to deliver content.

“That represents a huge opportunity for businesses now because instead of having to pay somebody to show up for a once-off event they can now get somebody on a contract and say look ‘can you promote us in this way for the next three months and in exchange we’ll give you this?’”

Coyle says that his goal is to keep growing the business and to keep adding players from both codes.

“(We want to) reflect the joy and happiness that these players bring to so many people around Ireland.

“We’re flying the flag for players to get something back from a game they put so much into.”


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