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Watch: England Tried To Score While Croatia Were Celebrating


England made a bizarre attempt to score while Croatia were celebrating Mario Mandzukic’s eventual winner that put them 2-1 up in today’s matchup.

The World Cup semi-final amount to an interesting albeit patchy 120 minutes of action.

While it was the English who started strong – scoring within the first five minutes, gradually, the Croatians managed to take over. A goal from the game’s standout Ivan Perisic evened things up before an extra-time strike from Mario Mandzukic won it ouright.

England tried to exploit a loophole in the rulebook following Croatia’s goal, however. Seeing that all of the opposition outfield players were out of their half, they restarted play from kickoff in an attempt to score.

According to FIFA law, you are allowed to resume play if all of the opposing team’s outfield personnel are off the pitch.

They were called back by the ref after it all but had they successfully scored, who knows what type of controversy we’d be experiencing right now.

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