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Manny Pacquiao Not An Active Fighter Anymore, As Far As Promoter Is Concerned

Manny Pacquiao’s promoter, Bob Arum, has shed doubt on the the Filipino fighter’s future in the ring.

Yesterday, while in Macau for the bout between Ik Yang and Cesar Rene Cuenca, Arum was very critical of Pacquiao’s behaviour since his recent shoulder surgery. When asked about a potential date for the superstar’s comeback bout, Arum responded by saying “As far as I’m concerned he’s not an active fighter”.

The comments were based on the fact that, according to Arum, Manny recently missed an appointment with his doctor in L.A, which was in regard to the beginning of his rehabilitation program.

“When you have an operation like that you’ve got to get into rehab”, said the founder of Top Rank Promotions. Arum continued, “He is not acting very professionally”.

The promoter’s comments are not without merit. Missing an important rehab appointment in the immediate aftermath of a surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff, is not the action of a man with aspirations of continuing a fighting career.

On top of all this, Pacquiao has just come off a loss in the biggest fight of his career, against Floyd Mayweather Jr, he has vast wealth, and he has a whole host of other commitments relating to his role in the congress of the Philippines. In fact, according to news.asiaone.com, Pacquiao flew to Indonesia just days after he missed his doctor’s appointment to visit a Filipino woman on death row.

It wouldn’t be surprising if his mind, or heart were no longer in the sport of boxing.

Pacquiao has, however, habitually spread himself thin for a number of years now, and has continued to fight at a high level. Despite his recent actions, he told ESPN.com earlier this month that he plans on returning to the ring next year.

It remains to be seen if Arum’s words were simply a call to his fighter to improve his attitude, or if he really believes Pacquiao’s days as a competitor are severely numbered.

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